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Positive Equine Conference Webinar Recordings

Welcome! I'm delighted you wish to learn more about the Positive Equine Conference and view the webinar recordings! Full details about each webinar can be found here and full details on speakers can be found here.

Each video is a recording of the webinars from the Positive Equine Conference which took place from 17th-30th October 2020. Each webinar is roughly 1.5 hours and includes a presentation and Q&A from the speaker. We experienced a few technical issues throughout the live webinars, which have been edited out where possible. Due to an issue with recording, Suzanne Rogers’ webinar only has the presentation and no Q&A. 

Please follow the below links to purchase the webinars and you can login to access the recordings through this page once purchased. To buy multiple speaker subscriptions, please use the multiple speaker option at the bottom of the page. Please note that you may need to use the "forgot password?" link to set your password for the first time. 

A portion of the proceeds from sales will be donated to the equine charity Positive Horse Training Spain at Cortijo de Segura.