Full biographies for the speakers presenting at the Positive Equine Conference.

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  • Ben Hart

    IAABC Certified Horse Behaviour Consultant
    ABTC Registered Accredited Animal Behaviourist

    Ben hates injustice and wasted potential, and he has a mission to help people understand the true nature of equines by using the honesty of the science of behaviour to help both animals and their people unlock their true potential.  He firmly believes working with equines doesn't have to be complicated, dangerous or stressful and by helping people to understand the true and amazing behaviour of equines, he wants them to better understand each other to make life better for horses, donkeys and Mules. Ben removes the myths and dependence on dominance and forceful training methods and focuses on positive, safe effective solutions that centre on both the animal and the human.  Ben's delivery of training is unique, being both fun and inspiring which ensures an outstanding experience that is enjoyable and life changing.  Ben is also the author of several books on equine behaviour and clicker training, as well as the creator of a unique series of individual equine training plans and online courses.  He has worked with horses, mules, donkeys and people all over the world: from mustangs and race horses in California, stock horses in Australia, pleasure horses in Canada and Europe, and working equines in Cambodia and Ethiopia, Egypt, Mexico, Kenya.


  • Jenny Eichner

    BSc (hons) Psychology, Ad Prof Dip PC, MBACP

    Equine Behaviourist & Trainer

    Counsellor & Psychtherapist

    Jenny founded Equine Centred to promote a welfare focused approach to horse training and management. Jenny is qualified as a horse trainer and behaviourist and provides equine behaviour consultations, courses, demos, talks and individual and group lessons. Her approach is to put the welfare of the horse first, to work in a relationship and attachment focused way and to use Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive (LIMA) and ethical evidence based interventions. This keeps the training low stress, fun and engaging learning for both humans and horses! Jenny has been involved with horses her whole life and currently has 2 horses who live out all year together in fields surrounded by woodland.


    After completing her degree in Psychology, Jenny trained as a Counsellor and then Equine Facilitated Psychotherapist. She runs a private practice, Integrated Psychotherapeutic Solutions, where she provides psychological therapies and is Programme Director for IFEEL Qualifications where she is IQA and equine tutor for their courses in equine facilitated human development and psychotraumtology.



  • Suzanne Rogers

    BSc (hons) 

    IAABC Certified Horse Behaviour Consultant

    Suzanne worked in science publishing for 10 years - initially as a science journalist and later as the Managing Editor of several review journals. In her spare time, she re-qualified in animal behaviour and welfare, gained extensive practical experience with several animal welfare organisations, worked as an equine behaviour consultant and founded Learning About Animals, which hosts educational events. She is still active as an IAABC-certified equine behaviour consultant.


    In 2007 she became the Programmes Manager of the Companion Animal Unit at WSPA (now World Animal Protection) managing dog population and working equine programmes. A key part of this role was to develop and test participatory methodologies – working within communities to lead to a change in the way people manage and care for their animals. Suzanne led the move away from a heavy focus on mobile clinics towards prevention through participatory approaches. To reflect the broad applicability of the approach to other species she became the Technical Advisor for Human Behaviour Change Programmes. Since 2011, Suzanne has worked as an international consultant for animal welfare and human behaviour change, working with many key animal organisations. In 2016 she co-founded Human Behaviour Change for Animals CIC, of which she is still a co-Director. The focus on human behaviour has been invaluable in her ongoing work as an equine behaviour consultant and she lectures remotely on this topic as part of the University of Edinburgh’s Clinical Animal Behaviour course.



  • Trudi Dempsey

    IAABC and ABTC certified Equine Behaviourist and experienced equine trainer

    Equine trainer and behaviour consultant, Trudi Dempsey, is based in the South West of England. She grew up with ponies in the traditional pony club way, later competing and training others in dressage.

    For many years now Trudi has been successfully applying the science of learning and behaviour, she is a certified (IAABC and ABTC) equine behaviourist and experienced equine trainer.

    From her more traditional roots in dressage, Trudi blends her knowledge of gymnastic exercises with a modern R+ approach. She enjoys working with horses and humans from diverse backgrounds. Her aim is to bring clarity to the science of behaviour so that it can be applied in every day situations. 

    Setting up environments that make learning easier and less stressful is just one way to work towards an errorless learning situation for our horses. In her webinar Trudi will look at ways you can create learning environments to support your horse and get cleaner and more confident behaviour loops.


  • Sara Brittlegill

    BSc (Hons) Biology 

    Horse owner and trainer

    Owned a pssm type 1 positive appaloosa for 16 years. Now also own another appaloosa who is tested free of the disease, and 2 donkeys who were feral when purchased. 
    All equines barefoot and bitless and clicker trained.

07527 577 394
Based in East Grinstead, Mid Sussex, West Sussex near East Sussex, Surrey and Kent borders RH19

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Photography by Maria Olarte