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Based in East Grinstead, Mid Sussex, West Sussex near East Sussex, Surrey and Kent borders RH19

Behavioural Consultations

I offer a confidential behavioural consultation service. Through the application of the science of learning and behaviour, we will look at what might be causing the behavioural issues and what we can do to overcome them. I adopt a relationship based, Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive (LIMA) approach and aim to minimize the stress involved for both the horse and the human.


Issues include anxious or fearful horses, those with vet or needle phobias, problems with the farrier, trailer loading, tack issues, issues with box rest and many other behavioural issues. Please contact me to discuss your specific case.

What to expect:

  • Initially we will book an initial consultation which will last up to 2 hours. 

  • At the appointment we will talk through your horse’s current issues and what may be contributing towards this issue. We will then discuss a programme to work through your horses behavioural problems.

  • Before this initial consultation I will email you a history form to be filled in and returned before the appointment.

  • I work under veterinary referral and will contact your vet before the consultation where possible to gain referral. If you’re scheduled to speak with your vet before our appointment, please let me know.

  • Please note – I am only qualified to give advice on behavioural issues, and will not be able to give advice on any physical issues.


What is needed at the appointment:

  • Your horse in their usual environment (field or stable fine), preferably with their usual equine company present

  • Any facilities or equipment that we have spoken about or pertain to the situation

  • A quiet and relatively private area for us to talk



The fee for the initial appointment is £75. This initial consultation covers:

  • Up to 2 hours behavioural consultation on the day of your appointment

  • Tailored behaviour modification plan

  • Liaison with the vet before and after the consultation if required

  • Post meeting support with weekly check ins for the first 4 weeks

  • Travel within 20 miles, 40p/mile thereafter

Further training follow ups are available and are priced at £30 an hour

To book your initial consultation, please Contact Me